Pilot and cabin crew flight time limitations

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Pilot and cabin crew flight time limitations

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Pilot and cabin crew flight time limitations
New rules on flight and rest times for pilots and cabin crews will be put to the test on Wednesday, when MEPs vote on a draft resolution opposing the adoption of new safety standards as proposed by the Commission. The Transport and Tourism Committee voted for this resolution on 30 September and asked the Commission to withdraw the proposal.

If the resolution is endorsed in plenary session, the new measures would not be adopted and existing flight time rules would remain unchanged. The Commission's proposals include scaling back night flight duty from 11 hours 45 minuties to 11 hours, capping combined standby at the airport with flight duty at 16 hours, limiting total flight time to 1,000 hours over a period of 12 months and increasing weekly rest by 12 hours twice a month. Pilots' associations have objected that the new rules are not a sufficient improvement on current aviation safety rules.

The European Parliament has the right to scrutinise Commission implementing measures on flight time under the "comitology" procedure, which allows it to oppose, but not to amend them. It has three months from the time when it received the draft rules (on 25 July) to raise objections.

http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/n ... 13-10-07/4
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